Alfie’s Feast turns one!

Starting a business is tough, especially during a pandemic. It’s an emotional rollercoaster; the doubt that builds up when you have no orders and the elation when you are flush with orders from people other than your friends!

The one thing that remained constant—my love for food! I love feeding people, and our fur friends, and I love the delight that GREAT food brings!

As a professional chef for over 25 years, I’ve cooked in some amazing places in big ole London town and our own amazing Melbourne town: Formula 1 Grand Prix, Royal events in swanky castles, Cowes Sailing Regatta, high end charity concerts, spring racing carnivals and dinner parties in some  exquisite homes.

I’ve cooked for celebrities such as Eric Clapton, Sir Bob Geldof and Michael Schumacher, such a blast!

Everything changed once I decided to settle down, pro-create and walk away from working offshore on ships that I’d dabbled in for a time, earning the big bucks and enjoying a very different facet to my career. My goal was to stay at home with my little girl for her first few years and live the full time Mum rollercoaster ride. I did and it has been so amazing but then in the very strange year of a pandemic I had an epiphany to start a business and continue doing what I love in a different way, and I created Alfie’s Feast.

Crazy woman?! Yep, but I do love a spontaneous moment!!!


Ten fun facts about our first year in business

  1. Team: There are at least 10 sets of hands to help make the Feasts.
  2. Service with a smile: We had 40 customers within 6 months of operation!
  3. Mood: There were some epic tantrums (not only by the 5-year-old).
  4. Mood X2: We consumed a lot of gin. (I was asked a number for this but refuse to answer, it was A.LOT.OK!)
  5. The Star: Alfie got more handsome as the year went on, how is that even possible?!
  6. Production: We labelled, stamped and filled over 2000 bags with our fantastic feasts. That’s more than 600 kgs of human grade meat prepared and devoured by our four-legged customers!
  7. The Fav: The Chicken Ragu was (and still is) our bestselling Feast.
  8. Satisfied pack: We filled and nourished the bellies of 82 dogs.
  9. Community: social media community increased from 3 (yes, my mum counts!) to close to 180 followers and growing.
  10. Major milestone: we made it to a year after many tears, fumbling, laughter and soul searching, but we made it happy, proud and rearing to grow this thing exponentially.
  11. Bonus Fact: mincing beef liver and heart is a truly, utterly disturbing task, good thing I’m passionate about your dog’s nutrition 😊


Heartfelt thanks

I would love to say a big thank you for supporting Alfie’s Feast whether it has been purchasing, likes, shares or wishing us well in person.

I would also like to give a massive shout out, hugs, love and gratitude to the AF Team. You guys have been amazing, you’ve worked hard, and you’ve supported me and been by my side. I couldn’t have had a better team to get this thing started with.




Alfie Dog

Business inspiration, precious fur baby, chief taste tester, poster dog for optimal health and wellness.



Sam Barrow



Official Title: General Dogsbody!

Maintenance, packaging, accounts, tech support, Hubby, partner in crime, Alfie and Vivi’s super Dad.





The cutest, littlest and loudest supervisor and advisor on everything, Alf’s crazy little ear pulling hooman sister.



Samia and Alfie



Our number one fan and success motivator, Alfie’s other Mum, delivery assistant, customer recruitment agent.



Tristan and Ella


Tristan & Ella

Production Team members. Can do everything and anything with a smile and even laughing with the delightful smell of beef offal wafting through the production kitchen.






Professional chef, start-up mentor and logistics queen. Fastest chopper, dicer, mincer, mixer, packer and brains trust in everything food and kitchen related.



Maggie McNeil



Business consultant, marketing guru, communications and socials genius, my very essential voice of calm and reason.




So, what’s in store for 2022???

Well firstly let’s hope for an uneventful year in the pandemic category of life!!!

I’m normally an avid planner but I honestly haven’t found much motivation to plan yet, I am trying to take my grinchy pants off and embrace one of my favourite times of year first. Like most, I need to recharge my batteries and regain the energy for my business. Nothing the silly season, some holly jolly festivities and little holiday won’t fix, bring it on!  

But what I see on the horizon is a couple of new Feasts in our range…… ooh yes woof woof

Stay tuned….