What customers are saying

"It was so great to find Alfie's Feast for my gorgeous boy Harvey. The fact that all the other raw and cooked dog foods I'd found either smelt funny or had too many things in it I had to Google their names to find out what they are.

Harvey sat there waiting patiently (unlike most Golden Retriever's) once he had the command to 'eat it' he sure went for it. Here's a pic of him and the raw Kanga mix. He's tried many of the other flavours and loves them all.

While he's been fussy with other products, he's always eaten all of Alfie's Feast's options. I can trust the quality of the ingredients and feel good to support a local business too. Recommend for your pooch's inner health!!"

Renee Catt
Therapy Specialist


"I’m so excited that we have found a new food for our 11 yr old Cavoodle Minnie, I’ve really tried to push her into having a raw diet but she really wasn't keen, Alfies feasts seems to tick all the boxes for her & me! I also like that Alfies feast recognise that not all dogs are keen on a raw diet so a yummy cooked meal is also available. I only wish Alfies feast was around when my 16 yr old dog was alive , with lots of health issues it was sometimes hard to get her to eat. These meals are well thought out & most importantly have had a nutritionist & vet go through each recipe, it really gives you that extra bit of confidence."

Samia Elhage
Dogs and Doos


"I usually cook daily for our 1 year old girl Marley, which can be quite time consuming so it was nice to be able to offer her a meal that was made with love, fresh ingredients and ready to go! I found them really convenient and although I don’t eat meat myself, they looked and smelled appetising, even to me! The main this is that Marley tolerated them well as she has some tummy troubles, but your meals didn’t upset her tummy at all, and she really enjoyed the meals. Thankyou for providing a ready made, made with love option for people like us who only will give the best to their fur baby, you’ve made my life a lot easier!"

My Little Empire


"I absolutely love the dog food range from Alfie’s Feast. Such a fun and nutritious range for my gorgeous lab, Molly. Not only does she love it, but it doesn’t upset her sometimes sensitive tummy. I think her favourite is the chicken ragu....so gourmet! I highly recommend it."

Roxanne Davis


"We are so happy to have found Alfie's Feast!! Megan is a dream to work with and so knowledgeable about creating the perfect diet for our furry best friend. Finally, we have found something that calms our Japanese Spitz Mochi's sensitive gut, and he couldn't be happier! We have tried both the raw and cooked varieties and Mochi wolfs them down without a second thought. Thanks Alfie's Feast!!"

Laura Maddox


"I thought I would share a video of my 7 year old Hack Russell Leroy sampling Alfies' Feast raw food for the first time, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance as it was gone within seconds. Every time I give Leroy new food he is a bit fussy, will have a sniff for a minute before he tries it. Not with Alfies Feast he was straight into it. It is so nice to discover a product that is made with love from another dog owner and not some large company that doesn’t really know what goes into it. Giving my pup good quality nutritional food is so important to me, I’m so happy to have discovered Alfies' Feast, but probably not as happy as Leroy is... I would highly recommend it to anyone who really cares about giving their furry friends good quality food."

Justin Sims