Hi, I’m Megan Lilburn - Creator of Alfie’s Feast

Our Story

In my house the dog’s dinner is that good even my husband and daughter have been known to tuck happily into it.

WHAT?? YEP you read that right!

It’s a long standing joke amongst my friends and family that Alfie eats like a king, and his home cooked stews are so good that they are perfectly good for all of us!

And that’s the way it should be too, the best nutrition for every family member.

I wanted the best I could provide for my little Alfie, after all we want our fur kids around for as long as is humanly (or canine-ly ) possible. From a lil pup he had some gut issues and insensitivities that increased over time, along with allergies and lethargy. The poor lil guy was doing it tough and I was determined to resolve it all. I was fed up with constant diagnostic investigations and expensive vet visits.

I embarked on looking into everything he was consuming, I was freaked out by the long, scary and un-pronounceable ingredients that went into commercially made dog food. That stuff had to go asap!

I was making my own home cooked meals for him that I knew were great, but I needed to be sure we were hitting all of his nutritional goals and my theory to heal through wholefoods was my focus.